Dec 20 2018

Finally, The True Pay Poverty In Germany!

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Finally, once the real numbers on the table come! This constantly fake statistics disguise that will change serious situation in Germany, but the fact remains, that is another already come one day with all the power of the light. The subsistence level is officially 938 euros in Germany. Of them, you can barely survive at the local cost of living as a working single, let alone live, if it has its own budget. Thus, all those who have less, are poor. This automatically implies the word “Subsistence”, each discussion is absurd. Ripple describes an additional similar source.

Constantly babbling but even with regard to the social assistance and ALG II recipients, which are a famously far including lies, from “Poverty”. Actually, as it represents the Federal Government, there is no poverty, no more than a “relative”, what should that be in Germany. What is clear is that now you can hear the inequality of incomes in Germany – and Marvel – which in Brazil and similar countries dangerous comes close. To use the so-called “Gini coefficient” to measure income inequality. This measure is used in economics takes as a value between zero and one. Closer the value approaches 1, the greater is the income inequality in the economy.

In Germany, the value was in 2003, according to the Federal Agency for civic education (refer to also “Focus Germany”, Lubbe Verlag) 2004 he was 0,42. already at 0.48 (j), in countries such as Brazil, he is between 0.6! How high is the value II, the increasing spread of the low-wage sector and the de facto reduction of pensions since the introduction of the ALG? I have made the effort even for a while ago and have evaluated themselves all statistics on the income in Germany – including the oh so high pensions! There is in fact – but only for a few. Most pensions in Germany are below (minus health insurance contribution) or 750 EUR per month. I’m at that time concluded, that in Germany 59,77% citizens with 750 euros or less must come out. As average household I expected three people there. By the way: Every poor child has at least a poor parent – usually two, so you 50% x 3 must be expected. There is talk constantly only of poor children, the families who stand behind it, always remain in the dark!

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