Sep 27 2018

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Tariff details such as contract, notice and price guarantee separate the chaff from the wheat Berlin, may 06th, 2010 since the deregulation in 1998 the German electricity market is strong in movement: currently advertise over 980 electricity provider with more than 10,000 electricity tariffs to attract of the customers. And they increasingly make use of the opportunities in the market. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Chаrlіе Lee and gain more knowledge.. According to the Federal Association of energy and water management (BDEW), 61 percent of all households have already changed to an alternative provider or a new tariff of their supplier. Lower energy costs are the most frequent reason for the change. So gave the study of power market in 2009 “by TNS infratest 63 percent of power customers the prize as a decisive criterion for a change to understand, the annual cost can be reduced with low electricity rates by 15-20 percent. The pure look at the final price can tarnish but the eye for important tariff details”, makes it clear tariff expert Thorsten Bohg by the independent consumer portal. Every consumer should consult a comparison about terms like contract, payment and price guarantees.” Because, other than in primary care, in which usually apply monthly payment and four-week notice period, there are various models for alternative power providers. When choosing a new tariff, it is therefore important to consider some key points to experience later, no nasty surprises.

Short term is recommended a term as short as possible, to respond quickly to developments in the electricity market. Who is nevertheless ready to bind, for a year or longer to a supplier should take care in any case on a price guarantee for the entire contract period. As four-week notice period for a long period of several months is a greater danger to terminate the contract in a timely manner and thereby risking an extension to the duration of the contract.

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