Jun 20 2019

European Championship Fencing

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It is one of the biggest sporting events of the year in Leipzig, when from 17 to 22 July the European fencing elites in the fair city come together to Crown their champions. In addition to public broadcasters, ARD and ZDF also local TV channels and other European media, the esteemed duels transmitted 2010 European Championship in fencing, where you can already looking forward as fencing enthusiast eagerly. In the arena Leipzig, attack the men and women of Europe to EPEE, Sabre and foil and fight the best in exciting battles with each other. A further Olympic sport will be presented accordingly through this Championship also and is an event that is more enthusiastic in the junior area, which are inspired by the European fencing athletes for anyone interested in sports. The event is accessible not only locals and the closest fan circles. This refreshingly exciting event after an exciting World Cup soccer to track and on razor to be able to enjoy sharp images of battle in the TV, task is the cohesive media group.

The media teams will produce all the pictures during the entire Championship and best through their many years of media experience accessing the competition for viewers. The cohesive media group takes over with the European Championships 2010 in fencing the production and media treatment of this great sporting event. In detail the cohesive to learn about media group, is worth a visit to the company’s Web site. Under the address are numerous, clear and brief, accurately represented information to the different fields of activity of the service provider, as well as all data for a possible contact. Through an intersectoral approach, it is also possible to expect a very well organized and motivated team.

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