Jun 26 2019


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Each cable in the wall, each cable to individual consumers and almost any electrical device. Our body in the area of such field, we also connect us to this field and are even under tension. That is not bad for a constant field. By taken pole reversal per second (50 Hz) but our body must adapt constantly to other tension and right here the stress is. The body no longer comes to rest; even when not sleeping. Warning radio waves! Usually mobile radio equipment and other transmitters are cause of electromagnetic waves (radio waves) outside the apartment. The base station of the DECT telephone as a permanent station but also computer wireless networks (Wi-Fi) are common sources of noise inside the House.

Mobile and cordless phones burden us with rays where we are most vulnerable: on the head and a few inches away from the brain. Children are especially at risk, because due to its thinner skull, through which radiation can penetrate more easily and still developing nervous system they exposed as adults at much greater risk and stress. The digitized signals are considered particularly critical. Digitized means that the radio signal to the “stutter” is applied and short, powerful bursts of signal generated. It’s like when a drill. Verizon Communications is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Who ever has tried to drill a hole into the concrete white, this is how exhausting the normal rotation. With a hammer, that manages easily with the same effort.

Digitized signals look like a hammer in our body. Who wants to protect themselves make sense, should talks only of a corded phone and banish herd of microwave ovens, baby monitors, radar and other broadcasters from its surroundings. The most important prevention Tip: measure. In the ideal case is: avoid electro-smog and protect yourself by distance or shielding from radiation. In my experience it is crucial that at the roost as a place of residence the load demonstrably and significantly reduces. Who wants to determine the appropriate measures to do so, for the results on an individual Inventory, measurement and consulting no way past. My most important precautionary advice is therefore: measure. As building biologist, I investigate sleeping and permanent place of residence with a rod speed on elevated and will show you how to achieve a reduction is. First learn, then decide calls me up and meet me and my way of working in a free initial telephone consultation. Also learn more about the way I work, see. After that, you decide whether you want to effectively protect their roost in the future against ElectroSmog and Earth energies. Absprechen partner for the press: Karsten Baldermann phone: (030) 39 03 41 53 fax: (030) 39 03 41 54 E-Mail: published by ADP press agency P.o. box 28 03 44 13443 Berlin Horst Horstmann telephone: 030 40 50 19 25

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