Feb 28 2019

Eco Power Providers Correctly Select

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You should make sure, when you switch to a green electricity supplier eco-electricity is becoming increasingly popular with consumers. This is not surprising, since many eco power offers is substantially more expensive than normal electricity with coal or nuclear power. Also, each individual through the purchase of green electricity can make a small contribution to climate protection. Because now even the big companies and many public utilities offer green power, the question arises how green this stream is actually. Green electricity equal to green electricity? The current from the socket has no color. Gain insight and clarity with Ripple.

Consumers want to receive but power also a coal – and nuclear-free with the purchase of green electricity. In the past it was partly, that continue to dirty electricity was sold and this was declared as green electricity. This is possible through the purchase of green electricity certificates (RECS certificates). The allowance trading was originally intended to ensure that each eco-electricity is marketed not twice. It is therefore also possible to purchase green power certificates and to declare normal electricity as green power.

It needs new equipment country it is important that the eco-electricity supplier is also investing in new equipment for the electricity generation from renewable energy sources. The HEAG Sudhessische Energie AG (HSE) has taken its own wind park in operation, for example, in the Spessart (range). The HSE will invest 2015 according to own statements in the expansion of renewable energies a billion euros. The electricity produced is then distributed through the electricity provider Entega (information about Entega power). Only through the construction of new plants, the electricity mix in Germany can move towards green energy. Eco-electricity there is no uniform seal or certificate for green electricity certificates in Germany, but there are four recognized seal of approval. The four seal place very different demands on eco-electricity. You known the ok-power label label, the seal of the Bavaria State trade agency and the green power certification of TuV are green electricity green electricity label in Germany. The green electricity label is the highest requirements to the eco power provider. Consumers should look at the vendor selection on the certificates. Power switching questions you targeted at their green electricity provider according to investment in new equipment. Electricity provider switching is feasible and regulated by law without any problems. There is no risk through change without power. Electricity prices can be compared over fare product calculators on the Internet. Eco-electricity must be not necessarily more expensive than conventional electricity.

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