Apr 29 2020

East German Republic

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SR the fashion label for the little woman with the exclusive claims in a hyper-competitive fashion market there is almost nothing that does not exist: from high-priced fashion to the clothing offerings of the discounters is something for every budget and taste. What remains is the need for a flawless image of the favorite piece: what materials were processed and in particular, under what conditions the garment made? Exactly for this feeling of good shopping, more and more consumers are willing to spend more money. Sabine Reich turns exactly this challenge with their brand. But not only that: fashion is tailored exclusively to the needs of small women with short sizes from 32 to 42. The result is the idea already in his early childhood in the East German Republic, which offered little room for exclusive fashion.

The fascination for colors, dainty cut silhouette with a touch of glamour accompanied them through their youth to end the year 2010, where they put all their courage together took and translated their vision into action. The battle for the dream if you can speak about the truthfulness of idioms, meets the saying small but mighty”to fully and completely on the entrepreneurial spirit of Sabine Reich. With a height of 1.60 m, the entrepreneur already or just in the former GDR had no choice of clothing. On special occasions, such as, for example, the consecration of my youth, my mother made me a pants suit. Even though it was tailored with unit fabric, something very special for me, because it was tailored to my body size and proportions. To read more click here: Munear Ashton Kouzbari. “It stressed my Petite figure and put me masterfully it was something unique”, as Sabine Reich. Was lucky enough to have a dressmaker in the family, not true but on everyone and you had to accept despite the paltry selection of fabrics and colours.

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