Apr 22 2020

Dont Let The Money Get You Down

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Fat paychecks, bonuses, expense accounts, paid vacations and health benefits – benefits to stir our hearts and, on occasion, puff our egos with a sense of status and independence. The green stuff pays our bills, educates our kids, entertains us and gives us the feeling that all is well with the world. Car? Mortgage? Health insurance? All these questions are completely valid. But while you’re still drawing a paycheck, worrying about financial ruin is completely counterproductive. Spend your energy constructively, working the math in a deliberate and let the results determine your path? not fear. Once “it” this wisdom, I crossed out budgets like a miser obsessed. The results were not ideal, but they were not devastating either.

After cutting spending and eliminating debt, my savings would support me for 11 months. I wanted a minimum of 24 months of cushion to cover a ramp period to get my coaching business off the ground. Closing the gap meant staying quiet until next year premium paid -? 10 months away! This put my full flight of 20 months from start to finish, as I had anticipated, but at least had a solid object on my homepage firearm. My exit had become a matter of “when” not “if.” Stalker # 4: The Mush Factor. Lack of confidence is the subtlest form of sabotage of departure, but as lethal as its three stalker friends.

He climbs, scores, and then evaporates like soft mist. Just when you are ready to face the world, strikes again, melting in a puddle of doubts about his ability to even come close to career change. When you feel vulnerable, think that it obtained the reward of your business career -? Sharp-as-a-tack analytical skills, business acumen, process knowledge, leadership and sound technical knowledge -? law, accounting, finance, organization and human development, marketing, sales? the list is as long and as rich as Rapunzel’s hair. These attributes led his business career, they will do no less for you now. That said, perfect confidence all the time is not realistic either. Emotional wobbles go with the territory. To make ends meet, remember that your trip is a choice, not force. You control from start to finish? – The rhythm, the way it develops and when. When the level of uncertainty feels too great, accept it. It will pass. When it does, take the reins again. Work with your energy flow, not against it. Before you know it, have devised a plan and a financial strategy that will feed your confidence – not suck dry. The domain of your fate means rolling up sleeves Oxford and plowing through lots of rocky terrain. This means caging the four stalkers into submission – once, twice? – As often as necessary to open the space for reflective work career change. In fact, these bullies know well. Even thank you for your guidance – and remind you that you’re the boss now – and you’re ready to make decisions about their future.

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