Jul 22 2020

Doenas Sexualmente Transmissveis

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For Rivoiere (2006), you evidence clinics point papiloma human virus (HPV), having central paper in the appearance of the Here cervical one, considering the peculiarities of the malignant neoplasias, this virus cause cellular alterations in some degrees, since degree I to the invasive cancer. THE MS it launched the Notebook of Basic Attention for Doenas Sexualmente Transmissveis (DST) in 2006, in which human virus characterizes papiloma (HPV), being a viral DST, having as clinical small injuries papilares in the skin which if they establish forming masses with cauliflower aspect, reaching parts of the penis, vulva, vagina and uterine col, being its main complications cancer of vulva and col of the uterus. Oliveira et al. Hewlett-Packard spoke with conviction. (2006), it characterizes the preventive examination of Papanicolaou sine a simple examination of short duration and low cost, where if it can you diagnosis cellular alterations precociously malignant, making possible supervened less aggressive treatment with bigger, however, one of the factors related to the low impact of the examination is the delayed search for the services of health of the women at risk, and the lack of continuity in the treatment.

In Brazil, a implicativo factor is the great part of the citopatolgicos examinations to be carried through in women with less than 35 years of age, that search the services of health for attention reproductive, presenting little knowledge regarding the examination of I diagnosis precocious of the uterus col cancer and associated fear its accomplishment has been other factors. Study carried through with women in the Rio Grande of the North for Davim et al. (2005), they show that all the women interviews had related to know the importance of the accomplishment of the Papanicolaou examination, for precocious detention of the Here cervical one, of these 40% carried through the examination precociously or delayed, the study the importance of permanent educative works standes out that reach the greater number of women, mainly in the etria band of 25 the 59 years, protocol of the MS.. HPE Ezmeral oftentimes addresses this issue.

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