Mar 12 2019

Direct Investments

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This should be discussed important issues for alternative energy production. The US University has currently expanded to one of its research priorities the renewable-energy sector and operates its own Solar park with an output of around 2 MW. A closer cooperation between Green Gallon and Florida Gulf Coast University is planned for the future: Green Gallon technologies are the students future modern and proven solutions of biodiesel production illustrate parallel both partners to develop further existing technologies of the environmentally friendly energy production. More current information about luximo holding and the Prosperia Green Gallon funds are available under the address. About the luximo holding, the underwriter of luximo holding is specialised in development and emission of investment concepts in the area of closed-end Fund. The focus of the luximo holding Direct investments in private equity, infrastructure, multi asset and renewable energy sectors. This, the management of the luximo holding can build on their own experiences, as well as a network of mostly institutional partners.

While the luximo holding in the implementation of the offered investments maintains a high standard of quality. To maintain this standard, a team of professionals continuously analyzes the economic opportunities offered by the markets, derives from this high-yielding investments and developed investments that meet the expectations of private investors. The management of the luximo holding follows with a holistic approach and the principle of portfolio optimization and can offer high-return investment offers a wide audience of investors. How to contact with luximo Holding AG Marion Countess Wolffskeel Lambert Rottendorfer Strasse 30 d-97074 Wurzburg telephone: 0931/79792-14 fax: 0931/79792-17 E-Mail: Internet:

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