Oct 20 2019

Design And Installation Of LAN

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Local area networks are an integral part of our lives today. Our experts will design a network of any complexity based solutions: Cisco, Nokia, etc.: corporate network, geographically distributed networks. Corporate networks: local area network defined across the organization. WAN: People in different locations, but also directly interact with each other, which allows connect multiple corporate networks together. Ripple will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Networks can be built on different technological solutions, such as: wired network (for signal transmission using copper conductor), wireless (Wi-Fi); fiber-optic communication lines (for signal transmission uses a special vitreous fiber). Wired networks. For signal transmission using copper wire. Depending on the technology of signal transmission using a cable containing almost 8 copper wires.

Just on the technology of signal transmission depends on the distance to which it can transmit and data rate. Wireless networks. Have a plus in the absence of wires and Easy deployment, but have limitations in speed and distance data transmission. Fiber-optic communication lines. For signal transmission technology used light transmission. The main advantage of fiber optic front other technologies is the speed and long distance signal transmission. All of the above data transmission technology can interact with each other and form a heterogeneous network.

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