May 26 2019

Debtors Suffer Together

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Debt collection firms often better than their reputation Sumte, July 5, 2011 on debt collection company is often shot at least verbally. While hardly anyone thinks that direct contact with a creditor to the debtor not only is a most unpleasant situation. The customer Adviser of a debt collection company is under great pressure in such talks: he must enforce the financial demands of his client, but to allow the understandable emotions of the debtor not neglect. This complicated situation poses a potential conflict, often leads to a tension on both sides and thus also to unsatisfactory results. Debtor then make their arGER – often quite rightly – air, you can read tagLich in einschlagigen Internet forums.

Professional Weiterbildung of employees in the Receivables Management no avoiding therefore because, finally, a man with his strengths and weaknesses behind each claim”, says Andreas Panel, Managing Director of the Apontas Academy in the niedersachsischen Sumte (www.apontas-aka Training ensures quality in telephone customer contact the psychologist Kirsten S. Warnken is beschaftigt for many years intensively with strategies of conflict resolution, considered the besondere voltage environment in their seminars and shows concrete solutions for successful negotiations. She reveals the most important three things you should beachten in dealing with debtors: first: you must value the personality of the debtor. Second, not through emotions confuse itself can be. “Drittens: pay attention to clarity and intelligibility.” The next seminar by Kirsten S. Warnken for the Apontas Academy takes place in Hamburg on November 2nd and 3rd.

Phone training with the voice smile very pragmatically the experienced ReferenTin Angelika Mans approaches the topic of telephone collection in their seminars: we record training calls and analyze them in the wake of very intensive. So that the participants can direct effectively the new knowledge and significantly steigern their success!” Upcoming seminars by Angelika Mans for the Apontas held Academy on 18 and 19 October in Munich. All seminars scheduled for the second half of the Apontas Academy at: about the Apontas Academy for more than 20 years is the Apontas Academy a competent partner for continuing education and training in the field of Receivables Management with focus on issues such as enforcement and insolvency law. Since 2010, the Academy offers also personal training, the programme will be expanded continuously. Through permanent dialogue with the experts in the home, the partner attorneys and clients, the Apontas is close to the market and the requirements of practice Academy. The competent preparation and mediation of current content, the use of questions from the daily work and processing to pragmatic solutions: For the lecturers of the Apontas Academy are many years of experience from case-law, Bring teaching, legal and operational practice. Each seminar is evaluated on the basis of participant feedback together with the lecturers. Areas for improvement and wishes of participants are identified and largely implemented.

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