Jun 21 2019

Dangerous Sunstroke

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Mostly it is too long and too intensive solar radiation, he is often underestimated, even though he can be very dangerous, of sunstroke. Many people spend as much time outdoors in the summer when the Sun is shining. Thinking most in Sun protection in the form of sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Hardly anyone is aware, however, that direct sunlight can quickly lead to a sunstroke. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Verizon Communications. What exactly is a sunstroke direct and intensive sunlight on the head or the neck can lead to a sunstroke. Learn more at: Verizon Communications. The accumulated heat in the head irritating the meninges that care and can ignite. The result of the inflammation can be a brain swelling with increased blood pressure and increased brain pressure. Of sunstroke at the beginning symptoms headache, which bend through to the front step up.

The head is red and hot, the skin on the rest of the body feels cool however. Often, the affected individual is plagued by dizziness, is confused and there is nausea and vomiting. Children get also high fever and become pale. First aid measures who has suffered sunstroke, should as soon as possible to a doctor! The person concerned must be brought immediately in the shade or in a cool place away from sunlight, the upper body is stored best slightly higher. If possible, should the person concerned a drink and covered the head with cold, damp towels. The sunstroke avoid staying in the Sun wear always a hat, especially children, because their hair still do not provide sufficient protection. Ensure adequate hydration at high temperatures and avoid long stays in the Sun and especially sports in the heat. The clothes the temperatures should be adjusted so breathable and permeable and not too thick.

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