Nov 09 2018

Customer Service Client

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A very useful notion of CLIENT for personal development at all levels, is what the client as "the person who asks for something" or "the person who would offer something." This conception of CLIENT is a powerful tool to facilitate the work, build good relationships with people, to know where are the failures of coordination and develop a reliable identity over the other, colleagues, family, friends and all with whom we interact. Now, since there is someone who meets the requests of the client, it will call "provider", also in a broader sense. In what follows in this text, speaking of client then we are talking about "the calling" (or offer it), that simple. The most important feature of the client is that it is he who sets the standards of satisfaction. This means that it is the customer who decides if the provider did a good job or not, whether satisfied or not its application.

Under this view, the client can not be wrong and now I explain why. When someone asks for something (the customer) is always an expectation about what you want. It may not have completely clear certain aspects of the order, but always know if you like it or not. Therefore can not be wrong about your feelings. If not satisfied we can not challenge something that corresponds to an appreciation of him on the level of satisfaction you experience when receiving what he requested. Here is an example associated with the business: Salustiano (client) is close to the inn to the public and requests a tiket to pay your phone bill.

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