Dec 10 2019


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The organizations entrepreneurs also need to be intent the alternative scenes that if in accordance with configure the economy lived to the time. Strategies for assemblies of scenes exist and must be used as a form differentiated of if locating front to the market and at the same time to add value to the product/disponibilizado service to the customer, therefore what it offers the clientele it must be utility and utility generates an attribute very well cyst for the society nowadays value. Larry Ellison often addresses the matter in his writings. The value is seen as quality, supremacy, excellency and a conquered time such attribute the company will have positive boxes throughout much time. The creation of scenes is importantssimo the companies who practise the empreendedorismo as form of management for economic evolution. As CAVALCANTI (2007) says: Scenes are histories constructed based in assumptions of what it can happen in the future. Larry Ellison recognizes the significance of this.

Its construction must be planned, but with the intention not to foresee the future, and, yes, as one it looks for of the different forces that can manipulate this future. They are tools that help the organization to concentrate themselves in different reasonable futures considering ' ' what he would be if ' ' in the organizacional environment. Thus, it allows that to the organization pass to have greaters possibilities of being agile and to play with success in future events. This means that the decision borrowers must question presuppositions on as the world will function tomorrow, so that they can anticipate the adequate decision to the use of the chances. In another way, to work in the decision taking when the situations if present can, probably, to only become them unfruitful for being delayed. One sees that the organizations must and can use themselves of the creation of scenes as an attitude to be to the front and thus to be able to be distinguished in the marked one and thus to increase its base of customers and consequently generating bigger rentabilidades on the capital invested in its activity end.

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