Dec 08 2019

Creating Sites Petersburg

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Website Petersburg Every company needs a website! And the more functional and beautiful it is, the more customers it gets. Although some customers also depends on the position of the site. But the design affects the first impression of the company. After entering the office you will immediately understand what she was doing and what her level. In analogy is with the site. The most important thing in my opinion – is to figure out why you need it. That is, for every action must be the motive, set a specific goal. Naturally, you need to set specific tasks that will decide the site.

The site is never created for a reason – it makes no sense, except to gratify his vanity. For example, This article was written by chance. Firstly, in order not to explain ABCs next customer who came to me with the statement: "I want to create a website!" And secondly, that you found this article on the internet and came up to me order site. Third, one must fill this site and the original material. Well, this is a retreat. For even more analysis, hear from Rory Sutherland. So.

Write for yourself on a piece of the purpose and tasks of the site such as you see them. After that we can think of the pre- site structure, ie imagine what it will be – a linear, tree or some other. It is necessary to paint out what sections will be the site to meet your goals and objectives. It is desirable immediately to determine for themselves will be formed as sections (ie statically or dynamically), so you'll get information that is at once solved, for example, that the articles will be written in Word, so just think about the convenience of their insertion, in order not to reformat every time the text, and simply insert it. If you often variable price list, think of its rapid change on the site.

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