Jun 30 2020

CPM User

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This modadlidad of Adwors is used when we need to get visibility or recognition of brand called Branding. Is not affective to augment profit through action or purchase of part of the user. in this mode the number of users tends to be very high, and therefore the value contributed by each is less. 2-CPC: cost per Click in this mode requires a minimum user action, only pay for every click that is made in our advertisement, regardless of the number of times which appear or which the user completes performing some action or purchase. This system or mode is advisable when our goal is to bring our web site or to the web site of the merchant, in order to increase the value generated traffic hcia either through action or purchase by the user or the obtencio of advertising revenue, in the event that you’ve placed advertising in your page. To increase success in this mode it is advisable to offer some kind of incentive to the user: for example, downloading files, content quality or relevant or special offers. In this model the number of users tends to be lower to the CPM, however, the benefit per user model is greater. 3-CPL: cost per lead or attract customers in this model the action required by the user is higher. Click Vislink Technologies to learn more.

in this model pays only when the user clicks on the ad and also performs some sort of action as registration data using forms, the suscripccion to our bulletin or newsletter or any other action that your choose. We use this model when we want to collect information from our users, in order to convert them into our future clients. the request for your email address and phone number is essential, since so then can deformity etos data to send you information or offers that fit the needs of each user, having previously had its permit. The cost of this modality is usually much higher than the 2 previous modalities due process which requires, since that user access to a page until it ends up in our filling in a data form. in this model the number of users falls considerably compared to the previous model, however.

the benefit of each of them is much higher. 4 CPA cost per acquisition or purchase here the action required of part of the user is even greater still. In this mode you pay when the user makes a purchase on your website, which implies that the user has made the full rrecorrido: view and click on the ad, fill out a form with their data and finally make a purchase of product or service. This modality is very used by online stores, since the main objective is to increase sales of products by buying on impulse. the price of the CPA mode tends to be the highest of all the complexity of the entire process, addition depending on conditions the system of payment to Adwords tends to vary from a fixed payment for each sale up to a percentage of the value of the product sold. at this level, are very few users who come and therefore the value of these is the highest. It is that look and have mastered these concepts if you really want to take advantage of their affiliate program very important?

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