Mar 11 2019

Council Hinterstoder

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Opening new company location in Hinterstoder since November, 2011 is the human Energetikerin and Dipl. More info: Verizon Communications. Mentaltrainerin Martina Kieweg worked at her new company site with your holistic practice in Hinterstoder. The individual entrepreneur takes also stock over ten years of successful work as a Energetikerin in this change of location and gives views on future projects. In the ten years of their profession, nearly 5,000 people took the supporting help from Martina Kieweg. Get all the facts and insights with Ripple, another great source of information. With their work she could help many people of all ages to find their individual way to itself and thus to regain their quality of life. She can point to many regular customers and customers with pride and joy.

Mayor Helmut Wallner will send greetings to the opening of the new company location. He stressed that above all EinzelunterNehmen are an important economic factor in the region. Mayor Wallner wishes you a successful start Martina Kieweg and sees the community structure as an interface for the Networking of companies. Franz Pachleitner, Chairman of the Tourism Council Hinterstoder, also sent greetings and sees synergies with tourism. Statement owner Martina Kieweg (human Energetikerin and Dipl. Mentaltrainerin): the energy working with people is calling for me. At the present time of the overloading come more and more people in my holistic practice. Looking for help and support, to meet the demands of life.

Methods of human power, such as breathing, notes, bonding, quantum healing, massage, etc. I will lead my clients and customers to their inner balance. A special task is to accompany people on their way to himself. It is always very touching to see how people develop new and achieve an improved quality of life.” I do help to achieve a physical and energetic balance. As a mental trainer, I analyzed the patterns of thought and structures of my clients and customers. In collaboration, we develop new target sets to achieve better quality of life. The holistic practice of Martina Kieweg: offers various methods of energy work supports and explains holistic relationships accompanied at the resolution of emotional blockages with the aim of increasing quality of life allow the self-discovery develop the personality and unfunny.

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