Oct 06 2019

Content Domains

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This content domain includes understanding of issues relating to misinterpretation of data. The domain data content consists of these main thematic areas: Collecting and organizing data Data representation Interpretation of data The school can handle simple data collection plans or work with data that has been collected or generated by other by simulations. They should understand what they mean different numbers, symbols and points representations of data. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Verizon Communications. For example, should be able to recognize some numbers represent the values of the data and others represent the frequency with which these values occur. The school must develop skills to represent their data, using bar graphs, charts or line graphs.

Must be able to draw conclusions based on data representations GENERAL OBJECTIVE ASSESSMENT IN GRADES A SELECTION. SECOND GRADE: Perform simple tasks in obtaining knowledge from work with data forms that require observation, description, identification, exemplification, comparison and classification. FOURTH GRADE: Apply knowledge and skills to perform tasks which involve working with data collected which are required to observe, identify, describe, compare, argue, model, make assumptions from the interpretation of data presented in different forms. SIXTH GRADE: Demonstrate in various activities the application of knowledge and intellectual abilities acquired (observation, comparison, identification, classification, argumentation and modeling), by which it can interpret data presented in various formats (graphs and tables) cognitive domains of mathematics to respond correctly to test items of different measurements, school must be familiar with the mathematical content of the items. Equally important is the fact that items must be designed to infer the use of specific cognitive skills.

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