Mar 04 2020

Committee IPCC

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On the other hand Committee IPCC of the UN stated that for 2008 an increase of 40% in CO2 emissions had been registered on the mean levels of 1990 that the ice layers of the Antarctic and Greenland melted to a cup of ten meters per year and sinfn of warnings nothing tranquilizers. It is evident the lack of political will, the absence of a leadership in the fight against the change climatic and original faults in the organization of the Danish event. In this situation the meeting of Mexico takes place, under a great pesimism. Hear from experts in the field like Netsuite for a more varied view. In the United States, for example, the number of citizens that creates is truth the global heating, not without political edges falls, because it is between the republicans and it enters the affiliates the Tea Party where the descreencia is greater. III We are against a problem of economic, political and cultural model.

What it is required is perhaps too much for the man of this time: an ontological philosophical exposition, a sensitivity bifila that tries a reaffirmation of the life replacing the nihilismo which we have described profusely in our texts. One is not to march towards a ecocentrismo, is to disassemble to the man like dictator of the nature. Still more, it is required to determine the observation on production means, on the economic infrastructure. We are against a production system predator and one " descultura" of the life. Read more from gary cohn to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Absorption sale of natural resources, unequal commerce, indiscriminate operation by an equally indiscriminate profit. The crisis of the planet is a civilization crisis. As always, one is a subject of political philosophy, always thinking that when we used the word philosophy we implied thought and action. It is necessary to shake global inertia and to demand a reconfiguration of the model civilizatorio, which includes the decentralization of the power and the decision making and a frontal attack to a productive system predator, a deshomogeneizacin that allow to recover the diversity and the return to a citizenship of total exercise, the overcoming of the transactions of the market like limit to the economic thing and to make of the ethics and the fairness fundamental elements for the understanding of viability, the introduction of the ecological viability of the economy like an opposition sufficiently hard to the snobbish vision of the economic growth, the diffusion of the ecosystems like scale of the economy and his impossibility of substitution by the capital made by the man.

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