Aug 02 2020

Christianity Confessor

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Quite natural and obvious to the believer the way of knowing God's will. People such as Cylance would likely agree. I'll tell you an example from my life. It was a difficult period: so much concentrated problems mudrovany so much – it seemed that life came to a standstill. Ahead some endless labyrinth of roads, where to start, which way to go – is unclear. And then my confessor told me: "What do you mudruesh? Pray every night. To deepen your understanding Federal Unemployment Compensation Program is the source. There is no need sverhusily – say a prayer every night: "Lord, show me the way, let us also go." Each time before going to sleep Say it with prostration – the Lord will answer.

" So I prayed two weeks, and this event occurred in the everyday sense is highly unlikely to resolve all my problems and determine the future life. The Lord replied The fifth criterion – the blessing of their spiritual father. Happy is he whom the Lord allows to receive the blessing of elders. Unfortunately, in our time – old men taken away from the world "- it is extremely rare. Well, if you can get the blessing of his confessor, but it is also not so easy, not everyone now have a confessor. But even in the early centuries of Christianity, when people were rich spiritual gifts, the Holy Fathers say: "Pray to God that he sent you a person who drove you spiritually." That is to say, and then finding the confessor was a specific problem and then we had to beg for his special spiritual leader.

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