Aug 15 2014

China Vitamin

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Such measures relate to the following simple calculation: if just one infected businessman dangerous to human strain of avian influenza overseas and will return to Japan, then 10 days commuting on public transport it has infected about 224 thousand people. Within two months will be lost 640,000, and from 530,000 to two million will gospitalizirovany.Ne could not respond to the alarming news and the Japanese government, which intends, in this regard to give an indication of the formed two years ago the ad hoc committee to work out countermeasures. Among the advanced methods of preventing the spread of the epidemic is expected to close places of public entertainment, parks and schools. The Committee has already addressed the Ministry of Agriculture with a request for urgent development of antiviral vaccines. The Ministry will conduct an additional check of all farms where grown poultry, and the foreign ministry once again warn its citizens about the rules of your stay abroad. China is struggling with the package. State Council of China announced that from June this year, the country's stores will be prohibited to offer customers free plastic bags.

Consumers in China will be encouraged to use for trips to the shopping baskets or reusable cloth bags. This measure is aimed at reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere, as well as saving natural resources and electricity. There will also be banned production of ultrathin plastic bags. The statement says the state council, they become the main source of pollution because they are easily torn, causing them 'Mindlessly throw'. At stores that violate the new rule will be fined. They also face confiscation of the goods.

It should be noted that this is not the first time recently when the Chinese authorities to take koordinalno measures to protect the environment. This is due to the fact that in recent years, rapid economic development China has become a cause for concern over environmental pollution and natural resources. However, as we see the power of the country in recent years have increasingly focused on environmental issues that will permit to reduce the harm caused to the environment of their industry. Vitamin D deficiency contributes to the development of myocardial American researchers concluded that vitamin D deficiency not only leads to bone fragility, but also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease Scientists Harvard Medical School studied vitamin D levels in the blood of 1,739 people whose average age was 59 years old. Participant observation was conducted over five years. It was found that people with low levels of vitamin D levels (less than 15 nanograms per milliliter), the risk of heart attack, heart failure and stroke was 62% higher than those with higher levels of this vitamin. Nevertheless, scientists are not yet ready to recommend acceptance vitamin supplements to prevent heart attacks. 'Should be a large randomized trial to determine whether the correction will lead a deficiency of vitamin D to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease' – said study leader Thomas Wang. Recall that the source of vitamin D are foods such as eggs and oily fish, and it is formed in skin exposed to sunlight.

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