Jun 25 2019

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Weingut Geheimer rat von Bassermann-Jordan goes new ways in the communication of creaking wooden floors, Golden picture frame, stately furniture – first enter the winery Privy Councillor von Bassermann-Jordan is clear that this place to have a long history of success. A cursory glance at the collection of historical documents confirmed the first impression: this wine is not only already long successfully made, were here over the centuries people of great influence. Wine orders by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Wilhelm Busch, leave a comment, celebrities, paintings, engravings, and photographs from times, when this was still a privilege of the rich. But what is the recipe for success by Bassermann Jordan? “You were ahead one step their time”, Gunther Hauck, Chief Financial Officer at Bassermann Jordan responds. You have recognized the value of special situations at an early stage and brought the construction of quality wine in the Palatinate. As politicians, they stood with the most influential Personalities of her time in contact and significantly contributed to the improvement of the legal framework conditions for viticulture.

As art patrons, they brought several museums precious possession and made worthy to conserve the Palatine treasures. Details can be found by clicking health economics expert or emailing the administrator. As scientists, they worked to improved cultivation methods and wrote the standard work on the history of wine. “With time, be innovative and independent it was always important for Bassermann Jordan”, Ulrich Mell, Technical Director added. “Mid-19th century as they have begun to select read out in shared reading tubs directly in the vineyard. They built huge walls to perfect Southern exposure of being able to reach, or arrondierten vineyards in order to work more efficiently.

This innovative strength we have until today preserved.”quality wine does not arise in the cellar, but is an expression of the work and care of throughout the year in the vineyard.” Dr. Ludwig von Bassermann-Jordan earlier this year has all the winery Communication products by the agency specialized in wine marketing that renewed media agents. This was the topic of pioneering achievements in the foreground. “The challenge for us was despite the rich history of the winery, the many exciting pictures and anecdotes, to write a Chronicle, but the here and now in the foreground”, so Christoph Ziegler, Managing Director media agents. “Finally the Winery is still today worldwide for top quality. We have developed therefore an approach in which the history accompanied the present. We succeeded by integrating historical imagery assets, initiating the chapter of image brochure red. On the other hand, it was about to imagine today’s protagonists. That we have solved that, that the main characters of the present about their products, wines, have let speak”, explains Christoph Ziegler. Interview-esque stories pull the wine price list print and online. A fat calendar of events awaits interested guests, in the Program wine mountain hike, a guided tour of the estate’s own Museum of old wines and of course various wine tastings are available. It promises an exciting wine year so to be 2010. Contact: Christoph Ziegler of the media agents oHG Kurgartenstrasse 10 67098 bad Durkheim phone: 06322-94194-0 fax: 06322-94194-29 that are media agents headquartered in bad Durkheim specializes in the realization of print and digital media for wineries. The focus of their work is the authentic, full of character representation of the manufacturer.

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