Jun 03 2019

Change In The Executive Board

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Gunnewig hotels & restaurants in Dusseldorf: due to changes in the management of the Gunnewig hotels & restaurants Walter E. Niemoller is responsible for now as sole managing the fortunes of the privately owned company that operates nationwide nine hotels and the restaurant in the Dusseldorf Rhine Tower. The responsible so far for operational Managing Director Jochen Zillert left the company at his own request, to enter a hotel partnership in Hamburg. (hob) Until further notice Walter E. Niemoller took over the operational area of the Gunnewig hotels & restaurants as well as the commercial sector also.

He has been with the Dusseldorf-based company since 2001. After working as a commercial director he was appointed in 2005 by the shareholders to the Manager. You may want to visit Capital One to increase your knowledge. Still, the MBA to the areas of finance, accounting, controlling, personnel, EDP and general management cares. The partners are now looking for a for the company of a future-oriented design of the Executive Board”, says the 51. Until then, I’m responsible as sole Managing Director.” The partners continue to experience their business leader. Under Walter E. Niemoller, Gunnewig would like to continue the successful period under the former managing partners of Hardy R.

Voges, who leads a private company with the hotel mountain straws in Hildesheim, Germany, to hotels & restaurants. After the economic crisis, he has returned the company in the past two years in quiet waters. Gunnewig continues to be a very solid private company that’s grown steadily from the beginning of 1949. Now we would connect seamlessly through the upcoming restructuring to the successful times.”

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