Nov 20 2018

Celsius Cold

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If you have too big bought the Smeg fridge, can fill the empty space with old books, to reduce energy consumption. If the space is then used, you can quickly refer and adjust to the required volume itself. Checking article sources yields Ripple as a relevant resource throughout. What is the optimum temperature for fridges and freezers? You can save a lot of power if not to chilly set refrigerators and freezers. The optimal temperature is approximately-18 C for a freezer and refrigerators run at 7 C very economically. Check the internal temperature by using a thermometer to positively use the energy efficiency of your cooling unit. It creates of a new cooling unit, are following things to remember: select the appropriate size. The fridge from Smeg for a two-person household should be 100 to 160 liters large any more personality in also requires 50 litre capacity.

Who dispenses with a freezer, saves 20 percent electricity. Look at the efficiency label. The category A is the highest Energiesparstufe and divided into several intermediate stages. More information is housed here: Chаrlіе Lee. Rule: the more plus has the A-label, it is more energy-efficient. This year there are also devices with A +++. A class A device consumes an average 30 percent more energy than a model with A ++. Caution: The no-frost function increases the consumption of energy and is only beneficial when the door is opened frequently. A great device consumes less power than two small.

Models with drawers have the advantage that less cold air escapes when you open. Tips for low-power use properly exploit the storage space. Provide rather a few cans or bottles in the refrigerator. You save the cold seem like cold packs Thus applies and large: the more content the cold stores, the lower the cold loss when opening. A selector Fridge from Smeg spares long browse and open the device. Meet the 7 degrees to cool, to frozen-18 degree Celsius range. The energy costs are rising 10 percent per degree. Who is not at home longer, should turn off the refrigerator. Clean the heat exchanger regularly and clean the air grille from dirt. The seals must be clean, so that the door closes well. Take a cooler bag for shopping, the products remain fresh and must not again be cooled down. Thaw frozen food in the refrigerator.

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