May 22 2024

Ceiling Proofing Materials

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Soundproofing a ceiling to protect the traditional building with slabs themselves and use fiberglass or mineral wool. Jeff Bakalar might disagree with that approach. Unfortunately, the noise level at the same time able to reduce only to 10 dB, and at the expense of midrange and high frequency noise. Low-frequency noise caused by walking, falling objects onto the floor, unfortunately, eliminated in this way was impossible. The device is suspended and stretched versions of Ceiling much better job of soundproofing the ceiling, but does not eliminate the problem completely. The average noise level in modern apartments remains at 40-60 dB. For the normal life he should not exceed 30 dB at night and 40 dB in the daytime. Soundproofing a ceiling can be much more effective by using modern building materials. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Chase Coleman and gain more knowledge..

Look at three of them. Wood teplozvukoizolyator Russian Natural SOFTBOARD teplozvukoizolyator SOFTBOARD comes in the form of slabs of wood fiber. This eco-friendly insulator can reduce the noise level to 19-35 dB, depending on the thickness of the slab. The magnitude of the coefficient Absorption at soundproofing the ceiling may reach 0.8. SOFTBOARD applicable not only for soundproofing the ceiling, but also to insulate the walls, floors and facades.

SOFTBOARD can be installed after the floor is lined, as substrate under the laminate. Thicknesses ranging from 8 mm or more. Plates are easy to install, suitable for painting and plastering stickers wallpaper. SOFTBOARD does not shrink, does not change its properties and is resistant to mechanical deformation. Mounting plate for sound insulation ceiling SOFTBOARD on mineral foundation (concrete slab, stone or brick) can be done in one or more layers (in multi-layer stacking plates are attached with the displacement of 30 mm).

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