Mar 15 2019

Castle Huckeswagen

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The Wupper is GPS hiking trail of the month while walking as it is when the surprise egg: you want to prefer three things at once. The impressive nature, sporting activity and exciting attractions along the way. Exactly this combination of the Wupper way offers GPS, presented walking Atlas Germany as trail of the month see in six day tours. The Wupper is signposted as district trail 6 and follows the longest river in the Bergisches Land from the source at Marienheide in the oberbergischer to its confluence with the Rhine River in Leverkusen. On the total 125km long hiking trail lined up cultural and scenic highlights like on a string of pearls. Already, the headwaters of the river Wupper, which arises from nearly forty sources in a marshy area, is impressive. Followed by one in the headwaters still Wipper mentioned River, enters the land of the powder mills. Here, black powder was once produced for the world market.

By Wang, the oldest city in the Bergisches Land, it goes in the Bergisches Land of the dam. Neyetalsperre, Bevertalsperre and finally the Wuppertal lock are on the way. For culturally interested, a detour to the Castle Huckeswagen is mandatory. Behind the Wuppertal lock, the river Wupper way encounters numerous witnesses of the once-powerful textile industry in the Bergisches Land. The old systems of Waka works convey an impression of the size of the industry, before you can enjoy the views of the buildings of the monastery the Beyenburger reservoir stone house.

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