Jul 02 2019

Carla Delgado

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You can tell that you visit a webpage, that calls to a number of phone or even to go to a specific point of sale. This part is crucial to determine the success of a sale. If finally, not you indicate to you a particular action that you must perform after viewing the information, all your efforts so far have been futile. 3. Use quality images recalls that this advertising action aims to capture the attention of the public.

To do this, you must use high-quality and high-impact images. If you’re promoting a product, you must show a picture of that product quality. Avoids the pixelated images or with low contrast. You can also support you with an image that represents a benefit of your offer. 4.

Choose a title or a stunning header the header is the most important part of an advertising medium. The reader will decide to continue reading only if the header has woken up enough interest. One phrase stands out in the header that defines the greatest benefit which the consumer will be acquiring your proposal. For example speak English in only 6 weeks. Can also formulate it in form of a question involving a challenge to the reader as do Podria speak English? in just 6 weeks The objective of the postcard is not general a sale from the same advertising postcard, but attracting a potential prospect that later end up buying us or requesting our services. Recommended article written by Carla Delgado for CarlDelgado.net resource (have permission to include this article in a website or blog provided include the exact contents and authorship with all link original) original author and source of the article.

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