Feb 29 2020


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In marketing, everyone thinks that you have to be good at everything. Think, I want to make money, so I have to be able to write, design, build, and manage everything myself. Guess what? It doesn’t work as well. In fact, it is totally opposite. If you try to do everything on your own, these almost guaranteeing is gonna end energy halfway. Very few of us have the mental and physical energy to sit hours in front of a computer doing every little thing ourselves on the web site. So, what are the alternatives? Salt and hires someone. Find people, sites like Elance or VWorker and use them to take those tasks that you don’t like, you don’t do well, or take much time to complete.

The idea is to magnify the production of your work time. Do admittedly, costs money, but think about it this way if you take 2 hours schedule a Webinar that you could pay someone $10 for programming, worth less than $ 10 those 2 hours of your time?. I don’t think so. Else you can do at that time can be achieved advance your business? You need to accentuate your strengths and the small things that you are trapped and delayed exit. Discovering your strengths not only understood in that you are good, but also focuses your energy on those tasks that feed these strengths while you delegate everything else. For your own strengths, not just type in what you’re good; Learn how to be an expert in that task, and that is what said about you as a person. How you feel when they under pressure? What things are you able to create when you have absolute freedom? These are the type of things you have to do. Play with those strengths and you’re going to be running with the greats before than you can imagine.

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