Jan 14 2017

Business Shoes Good Look Without Business

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The perfect business shoe for women: Better standing in business negotiations. The perfect business shoe is the best prerequisite for a literally confident appearance. Negotiating is simply easier and successes are just nicer, if the feet don’t hurt. This is important especially for women which the footwear fashion has to offer much variety but little really good shoes. Alone, the term footwear”is based on the good old craft ‘, which is a quality concept for well-made products on the basis of a corresponding craftsmanship.

One must question exactly but this can at some of the bulk products that are offered on the market. Style is required in business life and style is the sum of many thoughtful details. For example shoes, which are fully compatible with a business wardrobe and thereby leave no wishes unfulfilled after convenience are well thought out. Katharina Starlay, operator of the online portal Stilclub.de, himself no longer wanted find out that what is elegant, must be also uncomfortable. The experience with dance shoes and her “Akkueffekt” which gives back energy and motivation after a hard day brought them the idea: with a leading manufacturer of dance shoes she designed a shoe line, which will meet the needs of business life and pain free well women look like in the Office, in meetings, in related occupations. Dance shoes that bring many technical advantages: an extra soft leather lining, very soft front and heel caps and many models an orthopedic footbed with cushioned foot and joint support and heel cushioning.

Because the paragraph in dance shoes is perfectly placed under the weight of the body, woman is has a safe stand and a good sovereign posture. Until now, dance shoes were just so business unfit, because the porous chrome leather sole for the road is unsuitable and would soften up immediately, if with moisture (say: rain) in Touch comes. That has now changed. The new business shoes are covered with a smooth leather sole that can be worn in the Office and on the road. The style Club shows models with chunky heel for the classic business as even more elegant forms that are suitable and ennobling every cocktail dress by more heel height and a bent Latino marketing for smart business events. The size range is. It begins with an English size 2 1/2, which corresponds to a German size 34 2/3 and ends with an English 9 the German size 43 1/3 analog. “Long feet can now breathe after ordering the models for each customer individually manufactured according to the definition of craft”, which Wikipedia defines as: many commercial activities are called crafts, manufacture a product order or providing a service on demand. ” In this case customized individually for each customer.

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