Mar 16 2020

Business Promoter

Posted by domain admin in News Center and the net promoter scoring: Bonn – pervaded by advertising and PR in our claim and reality are often far apart. Who does not have any commercials, where visibly satisfied consumers consume a product with a feeling of well-being and additionally recommend with conviction. However, this media is\”consumer often nothing more than an ideal type, behind which the real consumer – to the chagrin of many companies far remains. Instead of as an advisor for the product or service, is usually no longer to expect as lush consumer satisfaction, which at least brings the true license light, that he makes the same decision at the next buying opportunity of real consumers. This may seem positive at first glance, leads but to the assurance of the customer base and achieved growth at best for the company.

Who wants to win more customers and thus greater market share, must do more. There are enough ways ranging from aggressive pricing strategies via a modified product portfolio or new marketing campaigns to the takeover of companies. In all of these strategic considerations one will recommend often overlooked, namely that those customers are one of the biggest growth drivers, the a company their friends or colleagues. From classical investigations on the subject of opinion leaders\”we know that purchasing decisions are not influenced primarily by advertising, but by individuals belonging to the personal. \”Fred Reich hero, of itself as a management consultant and an high priest\” of customer loyalty in the United States has made a name, has provided this basic idea at the heart of his approach to more sustainable growth.

It is the ideal by the enthusiastic, loyal customers who recommend companies, perceived not as a mere selling point, but as a goal that is worthwhile for any business. As companies grow with more customers far more than its competitors. The value of a \”loyal, recommending further customers becomes even more evident when one considers the cost of customer acquisition into account: it cost five times more to gain a new customer than to bind a customer\”, estimates Fred Reich hero.

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