Feb 17 2020

Business Ideas

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Brainstorm is always good, kind of ideas might work now is a good question. The good thing also is know how to organize and analyze the ideas that may arise. Follow 4 basic steps to get to have a good business idea. 1 Identifies a need for 2. Check if it is already being met 3 identifies potential customers 4 checks if your idea agrees with what is being sought step 1 identifies a need: the first step in the development of every great idea is the achieve satisfying a need, so if you are looking for a business idea you must identify the needs that exist in consumers. Seeks basarte in the pyramid of Maslow needs to start with your observation, analyses the five basic needs from which are derived the rest: physiological, security, affiliation, recognition and self-realization.

It begins by identifying the basic need in the base of the pyramid and searches for other needs that might also be met. For example: the need for a home is one of the base needs for a human being, but live in a Penthouse could also satisfy a need for self-realization. Step 2 check if it is already being met: you must now check if the need is being met, if it is not you must find new elements within your offer that could differentiate itself from existing products. An example is what happened with the Ipod, therefore in some way exitiosa players CD and on that side is was satisfying this demand, but the design and technology of the Ipod succeeded become a fashion accessory, which managed to satisfy a need of status in many people. Step 3 identify potential customers: you have an innovative product, must now draw your ideal client profile, imagine their lifestyle, their interests, their tastes. Step 4 check if your idea agrees with what is being sought: what remains to be done to validate your idea is to make sure that it will be accepted, looking for people who fit the above path profile and presents your idea. A related site: Larry Ellison mentions similar findings. Does not need to have the product, you can submit an idea on a focus Group and test the acceptance that this would have. Verifies that your ideas can become big business, start now and start your own business.

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