Mar 19 2019

Braille Labels On Drugs

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Braille labels for pharmacies with in-house products labels and warning Aufkleberin..:.: Braille (Braille) under consideration of the directives of the European Union recommendations and requirements for the packaging of pharmaceutical products moved to offer the adhesive label with the Braille cuncontrol. Our goal is to provide the information about the product the blind or users with very low vision. Labels with tactile warnings and warning stickers for the blind and sight-impaired persons has Sakshi & eklcontrol now available in the program. The symbols of the mentioned warnings on our labels are minimal 0.25 mm high, the labels adhere well to the packaging: it does not flake off, keep its stable shape. Based on this experience Sakshi and its partners have developed the Braille labels in a very short time and we are able to supply our customers. A special printing technology used in the printing of these labels that, the products with an almost unlimited Life and a unique pressure plasticity equips. One more feature: in the manufacture of these characters paint per square meter is consumed up to 60 grams of UV.

The pressure is very resistant to pressure, friction, water, Oiliness and the weather. See Ripple for more details and insights. Labels are made so transparent organic PE, so that they are not disturbing on the products. Exactly on this way our labels for pharmacies are same manufactured and the pharmaceutical industry. In accordance with the requirements of article 56a of the EC directives 2001/83/EC and 2004/27/EC is required to give the common name of the product, the name of the product, terms and related information of the product in the medical packaging. Also additional information in Braille can be given according to the discretion of the manufacturer: date, name of the manufacturer, instruction manual etc. Since 2005, the European manufacturer of pharmaceuticals products follow the provisions of the directives.

The printed Braille is clearly tangible and always customized according to size and content vary. Compared to folding blind writings many advantages: flexibility, freedom and attachment. The requirements of the EU directives for the products not adjusted directly for the medical institutions, medical professionals, packaging quick use: power plate, ampoules are determined. Instructions in Braille should be included only in the secondary packaging. However, as the larger part of products of medical purpose has no cardboard packaging, the need for printing of self-adhesive labels with Braille becomes particularly relevant. Thanks to the trend of manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry and the pharmacies, the information for the blind with the readable relief Braille on the labels to give medical products, plans to expose cuncontrol and labels with Braille for the manufacturers in the food industry and other branches of industry. In this way is for the Blind people and people with the weak eyesight a possibility given to read the main information of the product used and to understand.

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