Feb 16 2020

Blessed Business

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Hola amig@s, conversed with some amig@s who like me, are in the way of businesses on the net. Most agree our lack of rapid growth, either because we have not learned the skills necessary to move forward or the application of certain concepts pillars. I found an excellent article by a Mentor of mine. He calls it as the second skill we must learn and teach our friends, potential customers, contacts () whatever the business who are staying involved: how to do a presentation in one minute. Does the Mentor says: in the 70? s, people had no: * Blessed cell phones. ** The cable or satellite television. ** The SMS messages and texts.

* Hundreds of extracurricular activities. * Messages on Facebook. * E-mails. ** Smart phones. In the 70? s, one could go to someone’s House and say: give me 15 minutes to be able to show you my business. And they answered: Woo-hoo! Excellent! There is nothing to do for us in the do 70? s. If you would like to know more then you should visit Oracle.

But, in what year we already are? Our contacts have all these things, taking every second of your time and attention? Yes! Totally true! How long will it take to send or erase an email or SMS text message? A second!. So if you go on someone in today’s world with ancient techniques of the 1970 dinosaurs and ask them for 15 minutes for a presentation, will be laughing until herniation of both sides. It will be the funniest thing that has ever heard. We are going extinct, like dinosaurs. Prospects will not we give 15 minutes of their indivisible time to listen to our arguments of sale. In addition, we have not even dominated commercial skills communicate to keep your subconscious attention for more than a few seconds. Do you feel ugly, really? Think about it this way. What do you prefer to receive? A long and boring 15-minute sales presentation, or a presentation of a minute to respond correctly to your three basic questions? The answer is obvious. One minute presentation will give our contacts immediate confidence that you can make a presentation anywhere without rejection. If still has not mastered the presentation in a minute, here something regarded this: why prospects don’t give you an appointment. How to get an appointment to speak with almost 100% of your prospects. How achieve that des your presentation in a minute question 1: what type of business are you?? Question 2: how much money can I earn? Question 3: what I have to do to earn that money? How close the prospecting? Notes: If you are interested in mastering the presentation in a minute, here you reached an excellent additional professional option, by clicking here. I invite you to the following excellent conferences online. Soon, we will have it in Spanish-speaking. It is free of cost and independent of the business in which we are involved, or for our personal and intellectual development. If you wish to receive my items directly to your email, you can subscribe by clicking here (remember, activate your subscription from the confirmation email that reaches your Inbox). Amig @, if you found this article interesting, a very personal favor, share it, Yes?. Thank you together can make a difference

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