Jan 03 2020

Black Forest

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Not missing may however village child”as track number 13. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Edward Scott Mead and gain more knowledge.. That has turned out just like or do you think that precisely this unlucky brings you good luck? Philipp even on a Friday, the 13th, is born. In this respect is a lucky number 13 for us certainly rather. “The resonances to the song village child” are just overwhelming, it’s a true Mitsing anthem for all people of the country. Even in regions where we play for the first time, the people sing loudly the song, because they know him from YouTube or from various TV shows, where we were guests. That’s why we have decided, the new album now under the banner of village child and proud on it!”to make. Are the songs a relatively spontaneous like you? After all, are (State: 20.11.2013) No 16 months have passed since the release of the last album… We had even more songs, that have emerged since the last album.

There were probably twice as many titles in the shortlist, which were all very good. Thus, we were spoilt for choice and had to agree on the best. The just, was also a luxury problem but in some ways. I think we can say that we had United never strong songs on an album as on our new album. Regardless of: Were you on tour again so often? Were there special surprises/highlights/unimaginable here? We are in principle all the time, and throughout the year on tour, always of course with our live band. For early 2014, due to the release of our new album, we have an extra village child ‘tour plans, where we from January to April in over 40 locations and four countries are traveling, and present also the songs of our new album. We deliberately play in smaller towns and villages. “No matter in which region, whether Hesse, in the Black Forest, on the North Sea coast, in Switzerland, Austria or our Franconian home, our hit village child” is always a true Mitsing anthem for all people of the country.

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