Sep 21 2020

Bilge Pump – Selection And Installation

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It seems to be a simple simple mechanism – the bilge pump. But it is an integral part of the security system. Many people think that on a small boat can do without bilge pump and scoop water is usually a bucket or scoop. But you need to wait until the water reaches a certain level so that it could scoop bucket. And in critical situations it is not safe.

Therefore, the bilge pump and an emergency rescue and parking drain the rainwater. We can only understand what bilge pump to choose and how to install it. The most common are electric centrifugal bilge pumps. Baby clothes has compatible beliefs. This bilge pump is a plastic bell, which houses the motor. The motor has a plastic impeller. Spinning it pumps water into the outlet pipe from which water is drained through a hose over the side. The lower part of the grid pump serves as a filter and protects the impeller from clogging. Usually it is removable (for cleaning), and almost always has holes or eyelets through which the pump can be fixed with screws.

Most centrifugal pumps, pump water only when the impeller is covered with water and are therefore not able to fully drain the bilge – always 1 – 2 cm of water. Therefore, the pump must be installed in the deepening of the lowest point of the hold or apply self-priming type pumps. It should be noted. That all centrifugal bilge pumps could not lift water to great heights. At a height of lifting the hose 1 meter, the performance of any centrifugal pump is reduced by 30%.

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