Oct 22 2021

Bernd Stieber

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Zieltraffic works in dialogue with the customer “Based on internally developed tools continuously, to make the results of the campaign: by the so-called Metatracking”, a cross-channel tracking system, interactions are detected and the Communicator that based optimised. Zieltraffic converts at Z in close coordination with the customer media the responsible online marketing services and charges according to predefined budget framework. The customer looking for technical advice, the experts at Z consult to the page are him. Starting with coaching in individual campaigns online marketing disciplines, ongoing analysis and optimization support to hin to holistic online marketing concepts and online marketing strategies Zieltraffic is high level consulting expertise at the disposal. Of course a combination or a ranking of the products possible and even make sense in many cases, Stieber explains: we see it very often, that we be charged media based on a consulting service with Z, and our success then a follow-up mandate with essential Sales targets, say a commissioning of Z sales leads.” Zieltraffic is also with social media character the substantive realignment is not just statically visible under, but also in social media is being lived. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ron O’Hanley. The own dialog activities on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are bundled in the newly developed social media newsroom press box/social media newsroom. For quite some time the Zieltraffic AG implements comprehensive social media monitoring services for their customers. About Zieltraffic: The online marketing agency Zieltraffic AG was founded in 2004 by Bernd Stieber, Werner Kubitscheck and Wolfgang Vogt.

The internationally across currently six European companies specializes in digital distribution of products and services. Zieltraffic is a pioneer of performance marketing and market leader in the field of banking, financial services and insurance industry. Zieltraffic offers its customers integrated online marketing services through all online marketing channels. With their differentiated The company both pure sales activities and marketing challenges solves products. Z sales Zieltraffic accepts primarily online-marketing tailored to sales goals tasks. While Zieltraffic bears the risk for the success of the sales campaign.

The customer must take care of nothing and pays only for the previously defined success, i.e. a price defined before the start of the campaign successfully promoted lead or sales. The Zieltraffic product Z addressed media also marketing goals, for example, so branding and image processes. Zieltraffic settles media at Z to clear budget targets. Away from extensive online marketing Zieltraffic is also an advisory capacity working campaigns: Z consult customers benefit from the experience of Zieltraffic experts. Specialists in SEO, SEM, social media, email, display, affiliate, or mobile answer questions or implement individual tasks, such as for example independent analyses of current campaigns or take over monitoring tasks, e.g. in the area of social media. The full service online marketing agency at present over 65 people at its locations in Munich (Headquarters), Vienna, Madrid, Szczecin, the Hague, and Basel. Zieltraffic’s customers include among others Deutsche credit Bank, Postbank, CareVision and Barcelo. Zieltraffic is a wholly owned subsidiary of Munich-based FIDOR Bank AG (www.fidor.de).

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