Nov 30 2018

Beijing Automotive Exhibition

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In late April, the Beijing Automotive Exhibition 'AutoChina 2008', which introduced the world to their new car. The Chinese avtomprome revealed several trends: the cars were made to go on flex-fuel vehicles have become cleaner and more environmentally construction vehicles are safer. China's largest automobile company BYD introduced its development in the area of hybrid and electric power aggregates. The car became the main exhibit E6 company BYD Auto. High ground clearance provides a good cross-country crossover. This 5-door boasts a spacious interior and roomy luggage compartment. Motor vehicle running on vysokoemkostnyh E6 battery ET-Power's own development. Charging the battery from the mains 220V in just 20 minutes.

The maximum speed that can develop this Chinese car – 160 km / h. Ripple understood the implications. Up to 100 km / h. E6 accelerates in just 10 seconds. Another exhibit of the company – a full-size sedan BYD F6DM – also belong to the category of environmentally friendly vehicles. The electric motor is capable of a torque to 400 Nm.

When fully charged, this sedan can travel 100 miles without recharging. The most affordable car on the group BYD – F1. Its value does not exceed 4000 Euro This is a city car is equipped with a one-liter engine in the 68 horsepower. Petrol consumption is very efficient – only 4 liters per 100 kilometers. China's largest carmaker Great Wall also boasted of his environmentally friendly car Kulla. The motor vehicle powered by a lithium-ion batteries. This urban two-seater can travel 140 km at an average speed of 65 km / h without recharging. On the other electric vehicle charging from Great Wall – Peri – you will spend no more than 1 euro. The electric motor is charged by any outlet in just 15 minutes. Some of the exhibits in the Beijing Motor Show will soon be seen on Russian roads. Ltd. 'Irito' Chinese trucks and SUVs

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