Apr 28 2020

Balcony Paradise

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The balcony is the poster child of the House, give it an individual appearance. Also in this year, a flowers to decorate the balcony again. But to what plant would you attack? It should be flowering Begonias or rather classic Camellia? Should even wonderful colours of geranium give a magnificent face the balcony? Follow your feeling for choosing the right balcony plants, there is no rule of thumb, because it is true what you like. Also the personal preferences are as diverse as the diversity of plants. Gary cohn does not necessarily agree. Be guided in the selection of your feeling. Go a couple of days with waking eyes by the streets and soak up the balconies of others on. What attracts you, what do you find attractive? What colours does on the other hand, boring or cheesy? You create the right environment for your plants not every balcony plant flourishes but at each site.

The most colorful species originated in tropical climes and are therefore very much sunlight and accustomed to warm temperatures. Align therefore choosing plants to the events of your balcony. Is the balcony facing north and gets hardly ever to see the sunlight? Even then you don’t need to despair, because grateful creatures like the Fuchsia unfold your colours even in dark places. A South-facing balcony on the other hand, which is located 3/4 of the day in the sunlight can be problematic even in the height of summer. Some plants tolerate not too much of a good and may suffer burns.

Much casting is heated during the order of the day. Well grow Geraniums and petunias on South-facing balconies. A South – or Southwest-facing balcony creates a good environment for most plants. Here is a good balance between sunlight and shadow. A Begonia will feel on these balconies. The right nutrients along with sunlight and water are dependent on your balcony plants on the right nutrients in the soil. Most commercially available potting soil is enough, some plants are however particularly demanding and require much care. Fertilizers should be dealt with carefully, because here the risk of eutrophication is fast. Biological fertilizer are at an advantage because they create not a Cockaigne for the plants, but emit only as much nutrients as plants actually need. Balcony plants fertilize you should however only, if you have the feeling, that certain nutrients are missing your plant. In most cases, good earth, Sun and water already sufficient, and you will delight your healthy, vigorous plants with beautiful colors. Find more helpful tips for making your balcony at balcony railing-directly in the area of planning. Michael Olberg.

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