Feb 14 2018

Back Words

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Start with words, striking the first time! Attention! Finally! Pay attention to tone and revitalize a sense of novelty in these words. There are other catchy words, ‘open’ announcements, such as ‘novelty’ or ‘Open’. The words ‘new’ or ‘first’ legally justified only for six months from the time when you first made or offered their product, so if you really have invented or produced something new – albeit on This all just know. 2. Refer to your audience plumbing repairs! Housewives! Leg pain? This type of headline will help you find exactly the consumers. If you sell the legal literature, start your ad words: “Attention is invited to lawyers!” By following this rule, you will attract the attention of the target audience, ie that part of the audience, in which you are most interested.

3. Promise the customer satisfaction of its needs Back pain will pass within 10 minutes! Buy two shirts at a price of ONE! With the new method – find a job in 2 days! Meeting the needs – that’s exactly why people pay money. Decaffeinated coffee – a product, but that ‘He will healthy sleep! ” – A particular benefit. If a person has back pain, he pays, in fact, not a cure, but for deliverance from the pain. Heading ‘Back pain will pass within 10 minutes! ” reports that relief is possible.

Offer recovery, rather than tablets. 4. Submit your ad as news real breakthrough in the safety of driving the new formula restores hair.

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