Nov 05 2019

ASWPro AntiSpyWarePro

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ASWPro (AntiSpyWarePro) – against spyware you know who lives in your computer? Program ASWPro know! 90% of computers infected by the so-called ‘malware’ (software). Whatever the purpose it was not intended – stealing confidential information systems, computer lock, hidden and explicit advertising – all this brings nothing but harm to the user, and sometimes losses. Ripples opinions are not widely known. For example, spyware (spy – a spy, (soft) ware – software). These programs gather information on your computer and sends it to the person concerned, ie Malware creators. These actions are illegal, but are made invisible, the program usually installed with other software. Other leaders such as Edward Scott Mead offer similar insights. Just imagine: an infected computer may simply stop working properly, the browser may voluntarily move to the right spy page in the browser, new tabs or buttons. This gives you a lot of inconvenience! But sometimes, spyware is so good that you do not even suspect that your computer picked up ‘virus’, while the latter will gather the necessary information for future use you for their own purposes, for example, to send spam intrusive.

That is, you walk on Internet, and interested persons analyze your movements on the network, make inferences, and then send targeted advertisements, designed specifically for your range of interests. Protect yourself from spyware is not easy, not all anti-virus program capable of it, leaving your computer vulnerable to the threat of attack. Therefore, the need for special tools for computer security. ASWPro (AntiSpyWarePro) – the current offer on the market today, allows not only to detect spyware, but also to effectively remove them. ASWPro program will save you from many problems: – infecting your computer with various spyware (spyware); – unauthorized establish a remote Internet-connection, which leads to huge bills for the link (dialers); – hackers collection of information on all the buttons you press mouse and keyboard (keyloggers) and all operations with the browser (browser hijackers); – subordination computer virus capable cause significant harm to the Software and Information (Trojan horse programs or Trojans) – the appearance of intrusive advertising (adware).

Site you can download to check your computer for spyware, and get rid of unwanted software. Installing ASWPro takes less than a minute. On this site you can download the antivirus version v.1.2.0, supported operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows xp, Windows vista. Program ASWPro different functional, stylish, accessible interface. On the left is a menu of panels: ‘search spyware’, ‘security’, ‘rehabilitation’, ‘settings’, ‘ins’, ‘white list’, ‘file protection’, ‘help’, ‘update’. With such a detailed menu, you no Labour will be dismantled with all the features of the program. In the center of the screen – the working area, where the validation you can follow its course. At the bottom of the zone is a menu from which you can remove the selected files, save the report about the operation, check all the files or, alternatively, to deselect files. The working area consists of several fields: ‘scan’, ‘version’, ‘system information’. Clicking on the ‘check’ in the first box, you run the scan your computer for malicious software. Two other fields provide additional information about the program and system of your computer. A large database is constantly ASWPro updated, it will allow you to always be sure of excellent protection for your computer. You can also use round the clock technical support on any issues related to the program. Program ASWPro – modern handy tool for comprehensive protection for your computer from spyware and other malicious software.

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