Mar 23 2020

Art Creativity

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Being thus, Dana engloba some aspects, being important a half one to stimulate the development and learning of the child in the pertaining to school environment. n-exhibition-of-his-photographs-and-the-proceeds-will-go-to-gt-ormond-st-hospital-1415739a’>Scott Mead. Being necessary to develop this art in the pertaining to school environment a proposal of Dana as facilitador resource of the learning process and development of the child. At Ron O’Hanley you will find additional information. One of the boardings that it makes possible new methodologies of work with the dance is the dance creative, being this, a concept that aims at to the interaction professor/pupil, where they create together its proper expressive form he communicates and it with the world of the dance. The professor must be beyond educator, a intermediador of the process dances/art, where the pleasure for the movement and the interaction of the body and the mind if becomes evident, in an attempt to make of a pupil, one interprets of the movement. In our words, Creativity is the expression of a human potential of accomplishment, that if manifest through the activities human beings and generates products in the occurrence of its process. We must add that through the creative activity, the human beings reach a conscience on its potentialities, unmask the genuine condition of its personal freedom and build its autonomy, a time that through the creativity, the man exists and evolves, if express e, shapes parcels of reality of the universe of the infinite possibilities human beings. Miel (1972) believes that the creativity is quality that all human being can demonstrate in its way to live, and that it is possible to increase the creativity in the majority of the individuals, thus increasing in the society in general, will be rank in practical in the education what we know regarding conditions that stimulate the creativity, being one of this, the art. According to Ostrower (1995), the creative potential is not another thing seno an interior availability, the full delivery of itself and the total presence in what it becomes. .

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