Jul 02 2019

Animals Include The Circus

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Lack of understanding about Green application in Karlsruhe Karlsruhe. With incomprehension of circus enthusiasts e. V. took society the request of the Karlsruhe Greens on the Lord Mayor Heinz Fenrich note, where it is required to grant a tour permit circuses, which carry certain species. Germany is a pioneer in terms of animal protection in the circus.

Already in 1990, the Federal Ministry of food, agriculture and forestry by a panel of experts had guidelines for attitude, training and use of animals in circus companies and similar institutions”work. The minimum requirements for housing, transport, food, climate and training are described for each species. No other animal husbandry is controlled so regularly in Germany by the veterinary services as those in the circus. Recently has expressed also the Association of German Zoo directors and on the side of the wild animal circus and pronounced itself against a ban of wild animal circus. Literally It is said in the statement of the Zoo Directors: “If it is aimed at, record keeping of animals in circuses, variety shows and similar establishments in the animal welfare act, then suffice it from our point of view completely to take over the ‘guidelines for the position, training, and use of circus companies and similar establishments’ revised a few years ago.” A representative study of the well-known GfK Marktforschung of Nuremberg has given end of September 2008 the silent majority of the people a voice: 85,5% of the Germans (men and women from a 14 J.) like to see animals in the circus! Leaders are it predators, elephants and horses that like to see roughly two-thirds of all respondents in the circus. “As many as 76.4% of respondents believe animals in the circus all right, if all requirements are met”.

“Therefore demands the company of circus enthusiasts e. V.: who guidelines” must be generally binding legal text. You must from time to time revised and new findings be adapted. In practice, they must define a reliable standard in the circuses, pet owners and veterinarians alike can focus. Individual municipal regulations should be rejected. “If all regulations, these guidelines, in particular” respected, also deserves and just the circus with animals the recognition requested by the European Parliament as part of Europe’s culture and politics, media and public support! The circus friends of e. V. Stefan Nolte Dalbergstrasse 2 67574 Osthofen Tel.: 06242/913205 E-Mail:

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