May 14 2019

African Tribes Overview

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A journey into the fascinating world of Africa. Let me to Africa and learn important information about different African tribes. I will show you everything you need to know in a short overview. The Baule the Baule are an AKAN people of African ivory. The traditional religion of the AKAN is a typical religion for the West of Africa. You believe in the connections with souls, the ancestor worship and an extensive world of divine creatures. The Baule ethnic group of artists are particularly creative. The Baulekunsthandwerk is one of the pieces most sought after in Europe and is considered to be particularly aesthetic.

Particularly instructive is the particularly detailed and careful execution of works of art. Click Larry Ellison for additional related pages. The Chokwe, a Bantuvol in southern Africa are the Tschokwe. They live mainly in Zambia, Congo and Angola. Of high creative force procreative sculptures with supernatural powers are the ancestral figures of the Chokwe. They protect us and help us to survive everyday life. Their influence is through sacrifice, jewelry and dances requested. Ethnic map of Angola, settlement area of the Chokwe marked Brown – image: male and female spirits represent the wooden masks of the Chokwe.

The male spirit is symbol of strength and wealth. The Tshokwe wears a beard projecting far to the front and a wide mouth mask. The female spirit stands for the ancestors and gives fertility. The female spirit is the symbol of a mystical engagement. This engagement moral ritual obligations are received, their ignoring of which can lead to anger and punishment of ancestors. The Dogon the Dogon originated in the Northwest by Burkina Faso. You are an African ethnic group from Western Africa and live in the East of Mali. The Dogon people includes estimated 350000 people. You know the Dogon also under other names, such as the Dogo, Dogom, Kibisi, KADO, k, Habbe, have and Tombo.

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