Aug 11 2020

Adriatic Sea Wind

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… Geography. Time. Precipitation. Temperatures. Pressure and winds. Factors. … Winds: The P. westerly winds dominate, often wet. …
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A wind catabatic (Greek katabatikos “down hill”) is a wind that blows downward component (down), geographically speaking, in hills, mountains and glaciers. These winds, particularly when they affect large areas, are called winds of autumn.
A distinction is made between the winds are heated more than the environment (F hn or regional wind Chinook, Santa Ana winds, wind or wind Berg Diablo Zonda wind) of those who are cool (Mistral wind in the wind (or Bura) in the Adriatic Sea or Oroshi in Japan). The term is used to wind catabatic wind cooling.
Catabatic wind originates in a cooling radiatively or through vertical movements of air at the top of a mountain glacier or mountain. As air density increases with the decrease of temperature, air flow down heated by adiabatic process to go down but remains relatively cold.
Catabatic cold winds occur in the early hours of the night when the sun stops heating and cooling the soil by infrared radiation.

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