Aug 07 2019

Administrative Code

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Cheers, from February 16, 2010 shall come into force the changes and amendments to the Administrative Code on the work of mobile stalls Sellers striped rods (road traffic police patrol). Of the "Russian newspaper", it became clear – when and where staff mobile cash collection points may stop wanting to part with it. The new regulation clearly stipulates that a mobile stall "traffic police" must stand so that other members traffic could see him. Latent offer its services staff stalls is prohibited. And if they will hide it from their services still do not give up and just complain.

Especially since there is a nuance, stalls with striped Chopsticks can hide in the bushes if they are monitoring the traffic on the road with , and visibility is limited "natural fractures relief arrangement twists and elements of the road network ". This means that the most honest officers "good offices" come out of the shadow of the bushes, and can now put their mobile stalls at stops, trash tank and other objects are not natural habitats. Also, officers can still raise the roof racks of their stalls and obscure the view of the special color, but now they do it can only if the "instruments" measure the size of your wallet are installed in boot and run "automatically". If this "device" is in the hands of the brave officers then opened the trunk of a violation of regulations. In addition, you can now not afraid of werewolves in the dark.

In the dark time of day employees are required, located on the illuminated sections of the road, and bring not only the "striped sticks", but to be dressed in an appropriate manner fancy suits with all sorts of sparkles, reflectors and reflective tinsel. Another new regulation has touched those employees who did not spare his strength and motor vehicles, for the benefit of society are patrolling day and night on their personal vehicles. Now they can not stop and make money, but are entitled only to fix the violation, and the nearest mobile telephone kiosk with a special color or in a stationary position, where you happily served. But the most important and not pleasant for all road users, this is an item on the prosecutors, judges and investigators upc. This paragraph prohibits employees fined or even sent to medosvidetelstvovanie in the case of apparent intoxication, higher these persons, here it is the highest form of justice in our country.

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