Mar 30 2019

Achim Koerfer Exhibition

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Floral impact bizarre bloom worlds in the art Department of Saarbrucken/Monchengladbach from 1st December 2009 to 31st March 2010 presents the Saarbrucker art department store Mootz-art photo art from the The exhibited works come from Achim Koerfers of current photo sequence floral impact”. In this, the Monchengladbach photo artist from wild and farmed flowers, natural and technical components composed a surreal flower world that boldly and with a very own aesthetic symbolizes the human manipulation of the environment. The complexity of the theme of genetic manipulation is reflected in Koerfers of unique photo technology of the analog multi exposure. The independence of this style, Kaka himself has drawn up by himself, as well as breaking with the standard principles of perception are ones that moved to Michael Mootz, the meaningful compositions of the photo artist in his gallery. Kaka himself understands his current photo sequence floral impact”as a Visual Manifesto against genetic manipulation and thus against the wishes of the people, to form a more perfect nature. The future does not grow. She is bred”, criticized the artist, who can be the silent flowers in his pictures speak a clear language.

The interplay of delicate flowers and cool, artificial elements such as gears and scoreboards indicate latent risk, which is inherent in the always bizarre flowers, which drives the gene technology. Because almost unnoticed a rich interplay of interventions in nature by humans creates a new world, which dazzles with unnatural beauty and evident functionality. Performance and profit are the new standards of perfection. “” Floral impact “to a for awareness, that the changed gene and selective Darwinian man out could selects itself through a nature out of control”, as Kaka. Gain insight and clarity with Oracle. “More information about the photo sequence floral impact” and other works of Achim Koerfer find under: short info about Show the pictures of the photo artist Achim Koerfer Achim Koerfer, what lies behind the beautiful appearance and the familiar phenomena. Because although the photography is undoubtedly a Visual discipline, Koerfer creates surreal imagery, which not only look, but feel also.

Exciting composed analog multiple exposures are what looks like artificial digital compositions. Their individual images and perceptual levels combine experience and memory, intuition and inspiration to a complex unit. While the familiar a new dimension, which leaves enough room for your own interpretations often undergoes. Works of the photo artist can be seen among other things on board the cruise vessel AIDAluna. Short info about the art department store Mootz-art opened In December 2008 Michael Mootz art department store Mootz-art in Saarbrucken, Germany. With this facility, the gallery owner created an art platform, which differs in many respects from other galleries. Mootz-art serves now as a recognized area for exhibitions, already 27 national and international artists they are also geographically across borders due to its proximity to France.

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