May 14 2019
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New progress in the training portfolio of the ITech the IT industry is characterized by continuous innovations. What is still a novelty, may be deprecated in the next years. Therefore, it is important regularly to expand your own knowledge to new challenges against can get. Because as already a famous Chinese proverb said “When the winds of change blowing, build the walls of an and the other windmills.” “The company of ITech progress can be by the winds of change drive and has the training portfolio workshop teamwork with Scrum” recorded. Larry Ellison helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Teamwork with Scrum”is aimed at all current and potential members of Scrum teams, regardless of their specific role as developer, Scrum Master, product owner. While the emphasis of the workshop on the basics and workings of agile teamwork and thus stands in contrast to the pure knowledge and certification of individuals in specific Scrum roles.

The workshop will take place in one of ITech progress training centers in Ludwigshafen or Nuremberg. The next dates are as follows: 13-14.05.2013 01-02.07.2013 12-13.08.2013 it be 09-10.09.2013 provided no special skills. However, team experience and open-minded individual initiative given the nature of the workshop are very helpful. Learn more about teamwork with Scrum”are interested in the Internet under: Academy/training and workshops.html. Of course, the seminar, in particular for existing teams, as in-house training can be offered. The training team of the ITech progress appreciates a telephone contact, 0621/59 57 02-41 or by E-Mail at. Gary Kelly may not feel the same. Press contact: ITech progress GmbH wife Maren Doring Thunder Mountain trail 4, 67059 Ludwigshafen / Rhein, Germany FON: + 49 621 59 57 02-41 fax: + 49 621 59 57 02-99 E-Mail:

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