Dec 19 2010

Dealing with Business Fluctuations

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When starting a business it is important to get as much information and know-how ahead of time.  Do your homework and follow tried and tested authentic advice.  That is the first step. But there is also the issue of fluctuations in the market and how that will impact your business.  When it comes to things that happen that are out of your control (such as market fluctuations), MsRaves is here to help.

MsRaves has spent the last 25 years helping people start up their businesses and, thereafter, keeping it ahead of the game, avoiding pitfalls.  The reality is that there are constantly fluxes not only in the market but also in the actual business – with staff changes, globalization impacts, etc.  Thus flexibility is key but often hard to implement. That is where MsRaves comes in, with advice, consultations, encouragement and practical tips.

Due to our experience we are able to see changes coming.  Because of this knowledge we can help our clients avoid the pitfalls of change.  Having worked with more than 4,000 companies over the years – of all sizes – MsRaves can quickly identify changes for good and for bad and advice its clients accordingly.

Sep 30 2023

Verlag Der Ruhr

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Publisher more efficiently with CONTENTSERV Rohrbach/ILM 12.04.2010: the Publisher of the Ruhr in the future wants to achieve more transparency and greater efficiency, by the editorial staff to the publications, for his publishing work. He committed the CONTENTSERV GmbH on the enterprise marketing management solution. The publishing house specializing in educational publications on the Ruhr has secured, with 800 educational titles, 500 authors and each year approximately 125 new releases, a permanent place on the education market. In order to expand this status, the Publisher strives for an optimization of the IT systems to increase efficiency and transparency in the entire publishing. These include the planning and management processes in the Lektoraten and editors, as well as the optimization of cooperation with the production and publication.

In these areas, in particular the management of master data and production data and workflow support should be improved. We opted for the software solution by CONTENTSERV, because of the holistic approach and the modular design of the Solution enables us, specifically a central publishing management to integrate all content and processes and to simplify our editorial, marketing and publication processes. We expect, so overall a significant efficiency.”explains Christian Weissenborn, marketing, Publisher of the Ruhr. To optimize the project phase one, with the aim of publishing management is already before graduating. To a central media neutral product and media database was introduced with interface to the commercial system, where all necessary data are maintained. In addition a Web-based portal interface, which all administrative, editorial, care and publication processes of the employees are controlled and carried out.

This includes among others an editorial workflow, the author, contract, and book project management, a review database, scheduling, as well as the support of the layout Department. Outlook: The marketing processes in the Internet marketing should be optimized in a second phase. This one will be Website connectivity CONTENTSERV CMS created and integrated the E-shop module and newsletter-management of the provider. In phase three, is a Web-to-print connection are added. About catalogues and publications from the contents of the product and media database can be created then automatically and the employees can directly using a Web browser even the finishing touches in the original InDesign documents make. The provider presents insights into CONTENTSERV solution. About CONTENTSERV GmbH CONTENTSERV GmbH is a software manufacturer for enterprise marketing management solutions (EMMS). With its comprehensive and user-friendly approach makes the solution by CONTENTSERV the creative system of marketing, sales and communications. Add to your understanding with Morris Invest. It supports in all media, print and communication processes. Media, such as catalogues, websites, E-shops, print and online promotional materials can be created without knowledge professionally via Web browser. Thus, optimize processes and high cost and time savings. This provides for a faster time-to-market product communication and for clear competitive advantages. Press contact: Petra Kamal, head of marketing CONTENTSERV GmbH Werner-von-Siemens-str. 1 85296 Rohrbach (ILM). GERMANY T + 49 8442 9253 870 F + 49 8442 2044

Sep 29 2023

History of Athens

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According to legend before the Hellene in Athens lived Pelasgians. Their hands were built the old walls of the Acropolis, which is now called cyclopean or Pelasgian. Pelasgians also gave name to many mountains and Rivers in Attica, some of which have retained these names so far. For example, Gimetty or Likabett. Connect with other leaders such as Gary Kelly here. In the middle of the second millennium BC in Attica there were Greek tribes Ionians, whose name derives from the the name of their mythical ancestor of Jonah.

They divided the area in Attica, which are managed independently of one another, and united to the Board only in case of war. It is in these times there was a first (more mythical) King of Athens – Kekrop. His followers became kings Pandit, Erechtheus, Aegeus, and finally, Theseus. All these kings made a great contribution to the development of the city. Especially a lot of attention paid Theseus legend of Athens – the demigod who possessed superhuman strength. Carissa Barry shines more light on the discussion. Theseus, according to legend, was brought up outside of Athens.

On his way into town, he performed many feats of which three were made directly in Attica. Namely, Theseus fought with Skironom in Megaride, and still is a place called Stone Skirona, won Kihreya at Eleusis and Procrustes Mount Koridallos. But the greatest feat of Theseus was the liberation of Athens from the tribute (7 girls and 7 boys) that the city paid Crete. Later, being the king of Athens, Theseus with Heracles took part in the conquest of the Amazons. Glory Theseus was so great that it was seen as the founder and Athens. Theseus is also credited with the union some small towns into a single city of Athens. This event subsequently noted the special holding rallies and sporting events, called Panafineyskimi. In addition, it is believed that it was Theseus laid beginning of democracy in Athens and the departure from absolute power. It was founded by Theseus Areopagus – the Senate or the Parliament in Athens.

Sep 28 2023


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Rest is one of the more pleasant activities available to people, which is of great importance to find the medium that offers best conditions for relax and lie down a while, whether to use a bed or other elements. While the bed is one of the samples more common when it comes to sleep and rest, there is another type of furniture that is well suited to stand for and are the hammocks that thanks to its structure and the conditions in which it is installed is very nice to forget a moment and be carried away by the movement of the wind when it is mounted in one of the many samples of hammocks. As hammocks can be understood they are very nice and conditions are presented in which make this something very appropriate furniture type for rest, therefore it is good to know a little more about are to better understand what makes them so appropriate and relaxing. (Source: Daro Realty LLC). So speaking of hammocks refers to a kind of laying or canvas that you can perform in a wide variety of materials that include different types of hammocks. The placement of the hammocks is carried out through the ends that presented, which are attached to two firm points, therefore the hammocks are suspended in the air, characteristic that it can be very pleasant feeling in the air, moreover it is very fun because it allows swaying, which at one point is useful to relax since it is as if meciera who is in the hammockfavoring much sleep. Hammocks are mainly presented in the countries of America located in the Caribbean and others in South America, since these countries were born these practices and useful parts to rest, but due to its characteristics already hammocks can be found in many parts of the world, mainly in places with warm and tropical climates, it is ideal for sites such as beaches or coastal areas. Something particular in the proper name of the hammocks is that it comes from a native term which is Taino, which in Spanish means network of fishing, since the image of some hammocks is very similar to the network used by some Indian cultures. To acquire excellent hammocks should be into account certain factors such as the materials used for the preparation, in addition to warp and the number of threads that are used in the manufacture of hammocks. Hammocks have been always related to the customs of many Caribbean people, but now have spread throughout the world which brings as a consequence the aggregate of certain aspects to the needs and tastes of many people around the planet, therefore currently hammocks can be found with certain aggregates, such as pockets on the sides to put certain things which are needed to handThere are also a few hammocks with mesh to prevent mosquitoes.

Sep 28 2023

Business Security

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Farewell then to your dreams, your goals. Make no mistake in the current world financial security is absent, no one says that tomorrow we will keep our jobs, and therefore, we can meet our needs, we can give our kids college, or that we pay off our mortgage ….. Now It’s a small world and we are in the “Age of Communication”, and what is most important, there INTERNET: that wonderful tool that everything and everyone is bringing us together is the revolution of the XXI century, where information flow, communication and business. Never before had done business this way. Richard Anderson s opinions are not widely known. Never been so easy to do business and have a market as vast as it is the world in all its magnitude and many potential customers. Today, anyone can create a business on a budget, upload it to internet and quickly start making money, and can provide information products (also called infoproduct) services and also physical products (cars, furniture, food, etc.).

The interesting thing about online businesses is the low budget to begin to create accurate and how fast you can generate money to your bank account. The disadvantage, to put a business online is: lack of knowledge of the environment, both technical and marketing and bring customers to your website to make the sale. By Of course, that this difficulty pulls back to most people who want to start a business on the internet because it takes about two years to generate income and learn how this industry, certainly not as easy as some portray it, and above all, you have to train you spend many hours learning to use tools, software and marketing strategies. Well, not everything is bad, there are shortcuts to develop business in line by speeding up the learning curve and to have a profitable business in no time. It is a platform and is called Smart Web Business I’ve tried it and I can assure you there is nothing like Spanish.

The platform contains all the necessary tools to start a business quickly and immediately put them in line, no technical knowledge required and you also have all the help that you need technical support, forum, video, tutorials, seminars on the platform, seminars with experts, and many other things. If you really are interested in online business, I think Smart Web Business is a good option to explore this online world and develop your own business and goals. For more information on the above, here I leave a link, just copy and paste it into your browser.

Sep 27 2023

Hospital Years

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A 24-year-old woman, a man of 23 and another 94 were killed. Four other people were seriously injured. The collision occurred on the road between Fuentecen and Castrillo de la Vega, N-122. Three vehicles were involved, and one of them caught fire. Two young women, a woman of 24 years with initials S.C.A and his companion J.J.P.L., 23, and a 94-year-old, J.M.P., are those who died in the multiple collision occurred Monday evening on the road N-122 between Fuentecen and Castrillo de la Vega, in the province of Burgos, according to sources of the Civil Guard. In this accident, in addition, four people, aged between 63 and 19 years old, have been with injuries severe and transferred to the Hospital santos Reyes of Aranda de Duero.

According to sources of the Civil Guard, multiple collision occurred at km 282 of the N-122 at 1340 hours, and in her three vehicles, one of which caught fire were involved. In an overtaking according to these sources, the accident originated in the course a passing ctuado to a truck by one of the cars, the Peugeot 206 brand of tourism. Without hesitation Dr John Holtsclaw explained all about the problem. When this car was reinstated to its right track, after overtaken articulated vehicle, its driver lost control and could invade the left lane. Then, another tourism, a Citroen C-3, travelling in the opposite direction, collided against the Peugeot and another car, a Citroen ZX, which was behind, slammed the previous and ran off the road along its left bank. The first vehicles, occupied by two people, ended up burning and its two occupants were killed. The body of the host, S.C.A, 24 years old, could be rescued by a traffic patrol prior to calcination of tourism, although not as well of his companion, J.J.P.L, of 23 years.

In the second tourism were two others that resulted in serious injury. The last car involved were travelling three people, one of which J.M.P, 94, died and the other suffered serious injuries. The identity of the four wounded corresponds to three women, 19, 54 and 63 years, and to a man of 31, and all of them were transferred in critical condition to the hospital of the Santos Reyes in Aranda de Duero. Source of the news: the deceased in the multiple accident at Burgos are two young and an old man

Sep 26 2023

Social Networks

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How does a person draws on social networks? Razko not everything happens exactly the opposite: a happy smiling person in the photo is very unhappy, and polished businessman in an expensive suit – unemployed loser with an empty purse. In social networks, recreational youth forums about everything we naverstvuet that's what we do not actually. Blogs, forums, social networks – the shadow, the underground side of life and their heroes easier categorized not by who they are, but by whom they were not. Dr John Holtsclaw usually is spot on. People hang pictures on social networks can be divided into two groups: the first live a full life and want to share our joy with others world, for the second fazhen samopiar, they do not want to seem to those who she really is. How do you know where the man speaks of himself as the present, and where as fictional? Analyze all of his fotoryad: the 'real' a lot travel photos, images and albums in the frame where there are no people ("my fishing," a vacation in Turkey '). For those who have positioned themselves a social network, an entertainment forum as a means of suggestion: "When they see me in a business suit 3.4 times, people begin to feel that I'm really a business person, I'll put yourself in costume. " You can say for sure: the man whose all vproryadke, he will hang a minimum of sots.setyah, it interesting to live, not to produce impression, but if something does not add that failure to emigrate to the Internet. You can, of course, so time to make, but we should not forget: the Internet – a substitute for life, hzdes can achieve anything. but it will remain only your illusion. And the high risk of life to sit at the computer, but everywhere opazdat in real life.

Sep 26 2023

Mufaz Clubs

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Jubilee day Bad Nauheim has changed much in the parenting and family Center last year in the maternal and family Centre (Mufaz) in Bad Nauheim. Since May 2009 was on the first floor, and later also in the ground floor restored, rebuilt, renewed and beautified. To read more click here: Dr John Holtsclaw. Since August 1, 2009 (almost) everything ready, but nothing so as before! On the ground floor, the children of the nursery children’s paradise in the Mufaz feel now\”, which could be extended to a second group. On the first floor and on the site Johannisstrasse is space for children’s groups, courses, meetings and all other listings of the Mufaz. The fusion of the clubs children’s paradise and Mufaz is decided, and that is to be celebrated. 15 years emergency mother call the Wetteraukreis and an anniversary is celebrated: the emergency call of mother is 15 years. On September 13, 2009 the Mufaz want to show the spaces open at Friedberger Street 10 in Bad Nauheim on the day.

The Mufaz is looking forward to everyone great and small, the the Mufaz want to know or even meet! The official opening will take place with a champagne reception at 11:00. From 13:00 organized the Mufaz the Panel discussion for young and old in Bad Nauheim together instead of lonely\”with guests from the cultural / social and family area. The summer festival, which could not take place because of the renovation work is celebrated later on September 13, 2009. \”Titled circus, circus\” bouncy castle, face painting and game stations waiting for from 14:30 large and small visitors. Food & beverages available including pastry counter, crepes, sausages. To meet the large frame, parking lot adjacent to the Mufaz locked to the Festival, so hip Castle and information booths, including enough accommodate the Knights of Malta ambulance. The Festival against 18:00 will end with a musical conclusion. The agenda and more information about the mother – und Familienzentrum e.V.

Sep 26 2023

Low Cost Airlines

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Today, social networks have become an important agent of socialization and communication not only for people and individuals, but also for companies, businesses, organizations and institutions also. Why low cost airlines do not lag behind and are near you through you these two important social networks. In the social networks of low-cost airlines page you can learn news discounts most recent airline, as well as the most exclusive promotions and attractive. Through this medium you can find all the information you need to close flights, rates, methods of payment besides that we can be in contact so that you leave your comment, question or suggestion, which will be answered shortly. Do not forget to follow us on other social networks where you can also find out news, competitions to win trips, promotions etc. And of course, we are also available to you through that network. More info: Clayton Morris. Don’t forget to say you like that the low cost airlines are in social networks and do not forget to follow them, and also to tell all your friends and followers so don’t miss out on exclusive promotions. Low cost airlines offer the best through these means..

Sep 26 2023

Baby Safety

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As an adult just click on the lock, removing it from the latch to open the door and / or chest. At the time my kids boys – twins. Just like everyone. For more information see this site: Dr John Holtsclaw. Trying on our clothes, hid in a closet, cabinet door – coupe moved as a trolley Subway, got the dishes from the kitchen, we could not even eat peacefully because arena they perceived as a punishment and started crying, and an endless dumping and lay things no end in sight, the result we are all tied, and friends and acquaintances said that we live, how to ship all tied, and they came with their children to look at this circus, until I installed to protect the door from the children. Children, oddly enough, quietly apprehended that the cabinets do not go and does not open. After all, do not see that it does not open the door (the rope can be pulled and it will unleash, or, in the end, we require that it unleashed), then they become interested in toys, it turns out they too can play.

As Once your baby starts to crawl, much less walk, he can strike the sharp corners of furniture: tables, stools, chest of drawers, shelves, etc. Protect the child from the painful blows of the dangerous corners of furniture to help protective corners "5 corners>> of Baby Safety. Corner of a protective plastic is attached to the furniture with screws from the bottom, thereby spoiling the facial (visual), the surface of furniture.

Sep 25 2023

Washing Machines

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Choosing a modern washing machines, many wonder what technique to give their preference for embedded or detached (Solo). It is worth noting immediately that all models have their advantages and disadvantages. * Professional repair of washing machines and quality service to our service center. Modern washing machines – it sophisticated devices, which include the latest technological advances. But even the most cutting-edge imported household appliances can break down over time, and it requires too high-quality repairs. Here gathered all the information.

* Post-warranty repair washing machines. Modern technology is infinitely improved and modernized. Quality production of washing machine, as a rule, will serve its owner for several years without breakdowns and failures in work. * Repair of washing machines Bosh. Company Bosh one of the first hit the market in Europe and for the years of development of small enterprises has become the largest producer of household appliances. Washing long won sympathy for consumers due to the quality, versatility and design. * Repair of washing machines Indesit. Brand washing machines Indesit is the youngest in the market of this type of technology, and in a short time has become quite popular among consumers.

But, unfortunately, repair washing machines Indesit is 10 per cent of all grades, repaired in service centers washing machines. * Repair of washing machines Electrolux. Washing machine Electrolux takes leading position in sales worldwide. Machines of this brand are highly reliable, beautiful design, large capacity laundry in the wash. * Proper maintenance and repair washing machines. Each owner washing machine, of course, dreams of a long and uninterrupted operation of the unit, without disruptions and breakdowns that never needed a repair washing machines.