Apr 06 2016

Stretch Ceilings

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In recent years, suspended ceilings are increasingly used for installation of ceilings on large areas like swimming pools, shopping facilities, clubs and the like. Fine stretch ceilings are suitable for rooms with high humidity. Their versatility helps to realize the designers and owners of premises virtually any fantasy: from the bathroom to huge pool area, allows you to mount any damp-proof and low voltage led light sources, required ventilation, air conditioning, monitoring and protection. In this case, the ceiling in the pool, waterpark or sales areas will effectively hide all the wiring, utility services, pipes and aesthetic elements of the assembly. Accounting for particular premises determines the way ceiling mount, namely: If you plan on mounting the ceiling in the pool, it always has to be moisture resistant and able to easy removal and installation of various components (hoods, lighting, heating pipes, water supply and from the boiler). Materials used for installing suspended ceilings, environmentally safe and have the appropriate certificates for residential use and are not afraid of high temperatures. All of these advantages have at their disposal only stretch ceilings.

However, apart from complying with the necessary conditions, an important role in selecting the right ceiling is the look: the suspended ceiling will give you the necessary freedom of action to create multi-level ceilings, choice of any of 180 different colors to create a ceiling in the pool You can experiment with painting, printing. As mentioned above, suspended ceilings can be used not only in the basins, but also in any premises a large area where you want to create a unique flavor and to implement the boldest design solutions. Advanced method executed ceilings, which are transferred to the old way of painting the ceiling. Pleasing is the fact that suspended ceilings are not asking difficult and permanent care for them, if necessary, enough to wash it with detergent powder and forget for a long time. One of the most important properties of pvc film is that it does not allow moisture to penetrate into the space formed between the concrete ceiling, and cloth, which there is no condensation and no prerequisites for the appearance of mildew or mold. If you decide to install suspended ceilings, then you just need to make an order and you will leave specialist who will answer all your questions and make the necessary measurements.