Sep 12 2023

The Best Time For Kenya

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Information about the weather conditions that occur in the individual regions of Kenya Kenya to different seasons is located in the East of Africa and is bordered by Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda. The country is by the amount of area divided into two climatic zones, as well determined by the exchange of rain and dry season. To plan the optimal time for Kenya, the climate in Kenya should be taken into account previously. The coastal areas have about 9 hours of sunshine per day. Over the whole year, the day temperatures drop rarely below 28 C. The humidity is about 75 percent.

Two rainy seasons alternate with the dry season. The big rainy season is between late March and mid May. It is characterized by long-lasting rains, April can be relatively dry. The small rainy season with short, but mostly strong showers lies between mid-October to mid-November. The rain falls mainly in the afternoon and at night. Temperatures at the top remain despite the rainy days. They rarely drop below 20 C. Click Steve Kassin to learn more. The best time to travel to the Coast of Kenya is from December to March and from July to September.

In contrast to the coast the temperatures in the Highlands are between 10 and 26 degrees. Kenya’s Highlands measures a height of over 1800 m. In these areas, the humidity is approximately 65 percent. Here is also the capital of Kenya: Nairobi. Also on the coast is to be expected with two rainy seasons as well as in the Highlands. These are from April to June and October to November. The rain falls in the afternoon, in the evening and at night. The nights are so cool. It is the coldest in the Highlands during the dry season, which lasts from July to August. Then the average temperatures rarely above 10 C rise. Tim Clark is a great source of information. Best time to travel to the Highlands to Nairobi is January and February. In these two months, the temperatures from 25 c to 26 c. climb. Carsten Wurt m

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